pocketful of posies

vintage top and skirt, Brian Atwood boots

(photos, Patrick)

Somehow I became inspired by the line of prose in the children's song, "Ring Around the Rosie." The theme of dark beauty has been creeping up everywhere these days, so count me in as one of its casualties. I was under the impression that the lines were in reference to the black plague, but after reading over the wikipedia entry, some historians dispute its meaning. Not a good enough argument to keep me from using it, so a reference to tragic history it is. 

For the styling, the top won me over with its oversized cotton yet easy-to-dress up quality; pretty essential to survival. Adding a waist belt elicited what I might call a 'slouch peplum.' Also, the first appearance of the Paramour boots, basically some really good chemistry here.

Really enjoyed working on this photo series; nice to see it all done (!)


surf and sand

J.Crew bikini, H&M shorts, BCBGeneration sandals

(photos Patrick, myself)

Finally found some time to post a series from my trip to St. John USVI.  I can honestly say that I have never been in a more pristine environment, and we stayed on an eco friendly campground so that is saying a lot. It makes me extremely happy considering the amazing wildlife that rendezvoused with us, including these amazing sea turtles, sting ray, reef shark, and giant iguanas.  As hard as it may be to believe, the nights on the beach were just as breathtaking (if not more) as the daylight hours, and very likely one of the most enchanting experiences I've encountered to date. Picture the vivid quarter moon on a violet blue backdrop, suspended over the horizon illuminating the entire bay, enough twinkling stars to gaze upon until morning twilight, undulating waves crashing against shore flashing glowing plankton; all the while fireflies accompanying you and being serenaded by singing tree frogs.  I hope I have you sold.

If you look closely enough, you might be able to detect the nuances for a Spring 2015 collection between the lines of this set of images.


tropic thunder

ralph lauren bikini; Honduran jewelry & mask

parrot mask //// part one of the Honduras photo series


rebirth of the phoenix | the age of aquarius

dress by
b a s i a . p o l e t o v v s k a

post preview ///// rebir†h of †he phoenix  †he ∆ge of ∆quarius

◊ when †he moon . is in †he 7†h house . and jupi†er . aligns wi†h mars . †hen peace shall guide †he plane†s . and love shall s†eer †he s†ars ◊ †he ∆ge of ∆quarius ◊



a mile from texarkana

vintage top, belt and bag  //  randomly acquired denim, wedges and accessories

sterling, blue & green turquoise, labradorite earrings by Lauren

This incredible, vintage southwestern-print, fringe top was the inspiration behind this photo series. Pretty sure I remember someone walking up to me to touch the fringe once at the mall, it's that enthralling. But then, when isn't fringe captivating? As for the printed fabric, it is interesting enough to note that it is the reverse side that is used on the exterior, allowing a washed-out effect from the ink not penetrating completely. I'm especially grateful to be able to feature jewelry designs by Lauren, which I basically wear about 7 days a week.

The photos themselves speak to the traveler in all of us, wherever life may find you. Although Patrick had some of his own hilarious captions to add including, "Where the hell is the bus?!" and "I have such a headache right now." or "I hope I have exact change."


// for claire

Image two courtesy of Carolyn Murphy by Koray Birand for Harper’s Bazaar Turkey April 2012 via

In May of this year, I was given the awesome opportunity to create my first (!) commissioned piece for some dear friends. When they sent me this image of Carolyn Murphy on the cover of Harper's Bazaar Turkey April 2012 as inspiration, I felt slightly out of my league, but there's just something really difficult about turning down a challenge. 

The hardest (and most stressful) part was setting out to find a fabric that could hold a candle to the dress on the cover! I had an amazing stroke of luck by coming across this antique Venetian lace. With only days away before prom night, we decided to leave the sleeves out as the temperature reached a steady 90 degrees in early June. 

At their request, we chose a bright coral lining. I was so amazed by the final result, I literally must've snapped a million photos in awe of how beautiful she looked walking around the yard. It was surreal.

Needless to say, it was a major success in that we were able to design something that was s p e c i a l and not just a poofy prom dress. Another testament to how imperative vintage is when it comes to creating your own, inimitable style.


thistle and honey

sundress - vintage / hat - nine west

If I had to choose one dress out of my closet which defined the epitome of femininity, this would be it. Ultimately, it has everything a girl could ask for in a dress; subtle floral prints, hues of lavender, eyelet lace trim, button-up bustier, flowing tiered cotton, and most compulsory, pockets. Well deserving of a shoot frolicking in fields of thistle, daisies, and the prettiest assortment of wildflowers. Feels as though this dress has achieved its full potential after spending an entire day in the sun.


monumental love

Basia - BCBG MaxAzria tie-dye silk top,
BCBG MaxAzria lazercut scalloped hem faux leather skirt,
tribal ebony wood earrings, ethnic nepali necklace, dominican turquoise bracelet
Patrick - HUGO BOSS striped cotton sweater and pants,
Emporio Armani wrist watch, Jeffrey Campbell huaraches, honduran leather bracelets

If you had asked me how many photos I would've taken for this shoot beforehand, my response would most likely not be anywhere in the 500s. But alas, put a boy and girl together in a shoot and I guess the possibilities are endless. Which leaves you with thirty of the final shots here that I couldn't bear not making the cut.

The shortfall would be that there are ZERO outfit changes, but it seems my photography style is leaning more in the direction of the relationship between the images than what is being photographed.

In the photo of me leaning on the fountain with the cyan water, you can see the occupy Buffalo movement in its infancy. Our Niagara Square is undoubtedly breathtaking, and I can't blame them for taking it over as their main headquarters.

Something tells me the tourists that accompanied us on our photoshoot visiting the square have either diminished in numbers since their occupancy, increased, or more likely stayed the same.

Many thanks to Kasia Campolo for her photo expertise and Lauren Willett-Benson for lending out her Nikon!! :)